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 Somatic (Body based healing) practices:




Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing: EMDR is evidenced based and some studies have shown that 90% of trauma survivors have reached their therapy goals with EMDR. I can not guarentee results but EMDR could be effective for your therapy goals. The World Health Organization (WHO), The American Psychiatric Association (APA) and The Department of Veterans Affairs recommend EMDR for trauma treatment. I have attended extensive trainings for EMDR and received the required amount of consultation hours to be considered EMDR trained.  




























Brainspotting: Brainspotting is a Brian based healing modality that is derived from EMDR. Brainspotting is also evidenced based and was developed after clients were becoming stuck while using EMDR. Brainspotting with a licensed therapist can be very effective if you're not sure what to process or how to process your thoughts or memories. Brainspotting guides clients with self-awareness and self-exploration. I utilize Phase 1 and Phase 2 levels of Brainspotting, Mindset shift (crocodile/toxic thoughts/addictions Brainspotting) and Expansion Brainspotting. 


    In my experience with clients, Brainspotting can be a very effective way for client's to learn what they would like to process and find the "brain spot" where experiences are stored in their brain. Brainspotting can guide clients with healing micro and macro traumas. It is also known as focused mindfulness, as Brainspotting guides clients with removing outside distractions, while searching for the "brain spot."

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I also use the following modalities in my sessions:


NonViolent Communication, Attachment theory, entry level Integrative Somatic Experiencing, entry level Internal Family Systems- (IFS- inner child healing/parts work), EFT Tapping, Play Therapy, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and CBT. 

Yoga Session
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