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About Freedom's Flow:


Welcome, I'm Freedom and I'm a creative soul in a therapist's body. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I try to embrace spirituality when ever possible and I think humor is gold. I work with couples and individuals as a Somatic (mind/body connection) Specialist. I'm licensed as a therapist in the unceded land of the Anacostan people, which is also known as Washington D.C. I am able to conduct attachment focused life/relational coaching nationally and internationally.

My nickname, Freedom comes from my real name, Agazit (Ug-uz-eet), which my parents named me while honoring their vision of Emancipation and Freedom. I thoroughly enjoy my role as a healer who guides people as they tap into their own inner wisdom and journey into emotional Freedom. 

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I try to stay away from toxins and practice natural living as much as possible. I have a laid back, fluid personality, which comes out in my Naturalista tendencies ( I also don't judge people who don't practice natural living). When it comes to matters of oppression and social justice, I definitely take a stance and do not consider myself fluid. Many clients come into their sessions feeling disempowered and I enjoy providing support, as they journey into empowerment and develop or further self-actualization. 

With healing comes times of refreshment that allow you to further your gifts and talents individually or as a partnership. The world is ready for you, hungry for what you have to offer. I would be honored to join you as you flow into this new chapter.




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