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I use Emotionally Focused Therapy/Attachment (EFT) for couples and relational counseling. EFT is a therapy modality that guides people with understanding how to have securely attached relationships. Studies have shown that it has a 70-90% success rate. EFT is based on extensive research on attachment within couples and relational therapy. The trainings include trainers of various backgrounds who have experience with couples and partnerships of all races, sexual orientations, belief systems and ethnicities. 


In our sessions, I acknowledge the complexities, varied realities and perceptions that partners experience. We will all respect and honor how each person shows up in the relationship, as we thoroughly process anything that hinders connection through an attachment lens.




Many people try couples or relational counseling and the goal is to problem solve. Instead of solving problems through a checklist (creating agreements with household chores, date nights that feel robotic, etc.) we create a process of exploring and

establishing secure attachments.


The plan is to empower you through teaching you how to fish and not merely giving you fish. I take a curious approach and don't take sides. I work with partnerships that are monogamous, polyamorous and LGBTQIA+. I'm here for you as you navigate your unique journey towards Emotional Freedom and unleash your gifts. You got this!

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